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IMERYS Kaolin is part of the IMERYS Filtration and Additives Group and is a global supplier of Calcined Kaolins, Silane Treated Kaolins, Hard and soft kaolins.

IMERYS Kaolin makes technical products that are essential for many industries. Its principal markets are Adhesive, Caulk & Sealants, Auto Care, Building & Construction, Boards & Fiber Packaging, Films & Plastic Packaging, Paint, Ink & Coatings, Paper, Personal Care and Rubber.

Improving Customers' Products with our Technical Solutions

With our strong technical understanding of the naturally occurring mineral that we supply we can work closely with our customers to help them identify new applications, reduce processing costs and develop high value added solutions to their end product.


IMERYS Kaolin is a essential partner in its customers' performance. Our aim is to develop the most efficient processes, to produce the most effective product for each of the market applications that we serve. With our team of innovative technical experts we can offer you a tailor made solution. IMERYS Kaolin works extensively with universities and external institutes in Europe and the USA to ensure it draws on knowledge and expertise at the forefront of technology.

Global Resources

IMERYS Kaolin is the world's largest producer of kaolins. We have deposits and production plants in the UK, USA, Brazil and Australia.


With three Research & Development resources located in France, UK and the USA focusing on specific industries, ensuring in-depth expertise and a single-minded concentration on customer solutions. We aim to develop the most efficient processes to produce the most effective materials for each application, backed up by the best possible technical service and advice.

Product Focus - Neogen MX

An Improved optical performance engineered calcined kaolin for architectural coatings

NeoGen MX is structured calcined kaolin designed to provide excellent optical performance at lower sheen value in flat or lower sheen trade sales coatings application. The key features included in NeoGen MX is higher brightness, better tint strength and touchup performance in eggshell to high PVC based architectural coatings. NeoGen MX is recommended for use in interior/exterior architectural coatings where lower sheen, better touchup and higher scrub resistance performance is required.

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Product Spotlight

Neogen MX™ engineered calcined Kaolin

An improved Optical performance engineered calcined kaolin specifically for Architectural coatings.

Neogen MX™ is the latest development in Architectural Coatings. This product has been specifically engineered to provide an excellent optical performance in flat and low sheen interior and exterior architectural applications



Imerys Kaolin offers an extensive set of products suited for various applications, bringing enhanced properties to each according to their specific requirements. Backed by extensive applications and research & development labs, we are able to provide guidance on how to best compound our materials into final applications.