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THERMA-PRINT™ 400 is a high brightness, calcined kaolin for  thermal paper coatings. It is made via a precisely controlled thermal process using a select kaolin feed. The resulting product has a controlled pore
structure that maximizes the microporosity. THERMA-PRINT™ 400 is designed to provide the right coating and surface structure for thermal transfer and direct thermal coated printing papers. 
THERMA-PRINT™ 400 improves coverage, ink absorbency and print properties.

THERMA-PRINT™ 400 helps thermal printing by providing the appropriate  coating and surface structure for direct thermal and thermal transfer coated printing papers.

 Improves coverage, ink absorbency and print properties of the coating layer.
 For thermal transfer printing, the product provides a smooth coating layer and an open, micro porous surface so that the melted wax component of thermal transfer
   inks fix  sufficiently on the coated   paper.

The low thermal conductivity of THERMA-PRINT™ 400 and overall pigment packing structure provides improved thermal print quality.
 For direct thermal, heat is contained in the dye layer and does not   spread, which means a more efficient dye activation and an improved print quality and optical density.

 For thermal transfer, this allows efficient melting of the wax- based inks, and avoids thermal curling.


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