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Application with Flexographic Printer

Leveraging on its unique expertise and know-how on industrial minerals, Imerys has developed optimally formulated water-based coatings for barrier and optics that can be applied on a flexographic printer.

Flexographic printing process provides a reliable, low coating defect unique engineering solution for the application of functional coatings as it creates a highly aligned, densely packed plate structure. This in turn allows for a radical improvement in performance of the water-based coating.

For this to happen, the coating need to be optimally formulated, involving careful selection of mineral as well as other raw material components. A full understanding of the role of mineral pigments and their stabilization with other raw material constituents in the formulation is of utmost importance.

The result is ready-to-use, easy-to apply, and safe to handle water-based coatings from Imerys that can be used by converters to add functional properties to their packaging using their existing equipment, while also complying with requirements for recyclability, repulpability and direct food contact.

These coatings can be made to be heat-sealable; and can be hot melt/cold set glueable. Barrier coatings applied using this technique can compete with traditional barrier laminates as they provide a unique and cost-effective solution.

In conclusion, Imerys water-based barrier coatings applied using flexographic printing technique is a cost-effective, environment-friendly and performance-driven approach. It is a technique that further empowers converters & printers to better address the emerging needs and requirements of the brand owners and retailers they cater to.

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